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What started out as modified automobiles outrunning police while transporting illegal alcohol from stills to customers has become a major American pastime.

Over the years, an economic cluster  of more than 700 motorsports-related companies has evolved in the Charlotte region, creating a close network of race teams, suppliers, educational facilities, and research & development, all specifically focused on NASCAR racing. Today, motorsports is a $6 billion dollar industry in North Carolina and Charlotte USA is its heart. A major manufacturing and distribution hub, our region dominates the industry, a position that was firmly solidified when the NASCAR Hall of Fame opened in Uptown Charlotte in 2010.

Hollywood, too, recognizes Charlotte USA's position as NASCAR central, filming Days of Thunder, IMAX NASCAR and Talladega Nights in this area. The Charlotte Motor Speedway even hosted the worldwide premiere of Disney’s CARS

• 90 percent of all NASCAR teams headquartered within 50 miles of Charlotte

• Home of NASCAR Hall of Fame, which includes an exhibition hall, convention center and adjacent office tower

• Three state-of-the-art wind tunnels in the region

• Racing venues include:

Charlotte Motor Speedway
Concord Motorsports Park
Hickory Motor Speedway
zMax Dragway

 • More than $5 billion annual economic impact to regional economy from motorsports

• University sports marketing programs geared specifically to motorsports teams

• North Carolina Motorsports and Automotive Research Center at UNC Charlotte

Recent Announcements

  • NC Motorsports Industry and US Special Operations Command launched strategic partnership to share capabilities, knowledge, training and expertise to meet emerging needs and create new jobs and investment opportunities in NC
  • Charlotte Motor Speedway is now home to the world’s largest 200 by 80 ft. HDTV, exceeding the Texas Stadium Jumbotron
  • DC Electronics Inc., a British company that makes electrical systems for NASCAR and the racing industry, has opened an assembly facility in Mooresville, NC. The company is expecting further expansion and growth in the future.