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Film Contact

Beth Petty
Charlotte Regional Film Commission
Phone: 704-331-2723

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North Carolina Film and Entertainment Grant Program

Beginning January 2015 

$10M Grant with up to 25% rebate 

Minimum Spend

                $5 million for feature films

                $250,000 per episode for video or television series

                $250,000 for commercials

Qualified Labor

                First $1 million of each resident & nonresident qualify

Qualifying Expenses

                Goods / Services / Compensation & Wages / Fringes / Per Diems / Living Expenses & Stipends

Loan Out Withholding - 4%

Qualifying Productions

Feature Films / Direct-to-Video / Episodic Television Series / Movies of the Week / Television Mini-Series / Reality Television / Commercials / Documentaries / Animation Productions / Webisodes

Sunset Date

Funds allocated as part of FY 2014-15 state budget with rights to award monies from the one-time allocation for up to 3 years

Grant guidelines can be reviewed here.

Complete online application here.

Enacted Bill

                S 744 (SL 2014-100)

South Carolina Film Incentives


A production is eligible for a wage rebateup to

              25% for in-state wages

              20% for out-of-state wages

Supplier rebate

Up to 30% of all goods and services purchased, rented, or leased by the production company from a South Carolina supplier

Pay no state Sales/Use & Accommodations tax

               6-8.5% exemption on all purchases, rentals and leases

               Taxes are not charged to the production - this is an exemption

               (Requires a $250,000 spend)

No location fee charged for state properties

              (Requires a $250,000 spend)

A qualified production must spend $1,000,000 to receive rebates

For each qualified person

              Wages must be less than $1,000,000 for each project

              Wages must be subject to SC withholding taxes

SC’s incentive is a cash rebate

               Rebate checks are cut within 30 days of the production’s final audit

Features, TV pilots, TV series and loan out companies involved in the production are eligible

The production company must be approved to be eligible for the SC incentives