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Charlotte USA, the New Energy Capital

On April 6, 2009, more than 100 executives gathered in Charlotte to define our region’s role in an industry that has become a dominant regional economic force – energy.  Until then, the region’s reputation had not been as a player in the energy production, engineering or support disciplines.  Yet, we can boast of our status as a major hub of energy activity by virtue of the major energy and engineering organizations that call Charlotte USA their home:

AREVA NP, Inc. Fluor PPG Industries Toshiba Nuclear
Duke Energy Metso Power Chicago Bridge & Iron URS/Washington Group
EPRI Piedmont Natural Gas Siemens Energy, Inc. Westinghouse

Add to this list the varied small and medium firms that are doing work in energy storage technology, solar manufacturing, energy facility maintenance, wind energy and other alternative forms of energy, and the mosaic is complete.

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The Charlotte Regional Partnership leads the effort to further solidify the attributes of our region as Charlotte USA – The New Energy Capital.

We are working to position Charlotte USA as a recognized leader in the development and use of energy to attract jobs and investment to the Charlotte region. Our effort has five work areas that contribute to our overriding goal: Create more energy-oriented jobs in the 16 counties of Charlotte USA.

These work areas:

  • Rely on industry volunteers who provide insight, planning, networks and influence to build our regional energy industry and add jobs;
  • Report to an industrial advisory board of energy and engineering executives, and to a steering committee sharply focused on economic development results.

Work Area 1) Economic Development:

Defines the best corporate growth prospects to pursue in energy and engineering for our region; makes the sales call to attract new business

Work Area 2) Workforce Development:

Defines the workforce needs for the energy industry and finds avenues to fill the people-needs

Work Area 3) Public Policy:

Identifies legislative and regulatory issues that can build a robust energy industry in our region and works to enact those policies

Work Area 4) Technology Development:

Builds bridges between research and commercialization of energy and engineering concepts

Work Area 5) Communications:

Creates the public and industry messaging for the initiative and makes certain that the good work of all other work areas is communicated

We invite you to join the discussion on our LinkedIn page:  Charlotte USA - The New Energy Capital
If you would like to become involved, please contact Ronnie Bryant, President & CEO at the Charlotte Regional Partnership, by calling 704-347-8942 or e-mailing

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