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The Charlotte Regional Partnership leads the effort to leverage the attributes of our region in the defense, security and aerospace sectors to increase capital investment. Our mission: To position Charlotte USA as a recognized leader in the development of defense, security and aerospace sectors to attract jobs and investment to the Charlotte region.  Our overriding goal: to create more defense-oriented jobs in the 16-county region of Charlotte USA.

Our partners in this region-wide initiative include:

North Carolina Military Foundation, a Raleigh-based non-profit organization dedicated to growing the North Carolina defense and homeland security economy. The Foundation undertakes initiatives that generate new jobs and investment in North Carolina from defense and homeland security companies and organizations; convene government, business and academic leaders with the businesses and organizations that have the potential to invest in the defense and homeland security industry in the state; seek and create traditional and non-traditional defense and homeland security industry growth opportunities; and connect North Carolina businesses that are seeking employees with North Carolina-based military personnel who are entering the civilian workforce. 

North Carolina Military Business Center (NCMBC), a business development organization and a collaborative effort between North Carolina business and the North Carolina Community College System.  Founded in 2004 by the North Carolina General Assembly and opened in 2005, the NCMBC operates under the supervision of Fayetteville Technical Community College and has offices at 11 community colleges across the state.  

The organization's mission is to leverage military and other federal business opportunities to foster increased military contracts, transition military personnel to the workforce and support the recruitment and development of defense-related businesses in North Carolina. 

Defense & Security Technology Accelerator (DSTA), a resource that assists entrepreneurs and innovators with developing new business and dual-use technologies in a rapid (8-18 month) timeline. The organization's focus is on both military and commercial needs in the areas of defense, security and intelligence.  A clear policy for graduating companies has been implemented to allow businesses to stay at DSTA for a maximum of two years, and the goal is to provide companies with the resources to grow successfully at an accelerated pace.  

Ventureprise (formerly Ben Craig Center), a Charlotte business incubator that provides advisory services to small manufacturing, distribution and service companies.   

We invite you to join the discussion on our LinkedIn page, Charlotte USA - Defense Sector Group.

If you would like to become involved, please contact Ronnie Bryant, President and CEO at Charlotte Regional Partnership, by calling 704-347-8942 or e-mailing