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Financial Services Overview

Financial Services: Charlotte USA is the third largest financial services center in the country. The industry is supported by a large and highly skilled workforce with over 76,000 working in the industry. Charlotte USA’s existing labor supply is complemented by a proven ability to attract talent thanks to a high quality of life, good education and healthcare systems, and a relatively affordable cost of living. In addition, the region pulls from the over 3,000 annual graduates with business degrees within the region, and nearly 20,000 annual business degree graduates among nearby universities. A strong workforce, low cost of doing business, and an established corporate environment make Charlotte USA a great place to grow your financial services company.

Reach out to our Directors of Business Development to find out more about why Charlotte USA is the right location for your Logistics and Distribution company’s expansion or relocation:


Steven Pearce
Director of
Business Development

Marvin Price 
Director of
Business Development