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Monday Memo Heading

Europe Fertile Ground for Partnership

November 23, 2015



Investor Insight

At Bissell, we recognize that creating a stronger region makes for a better business landscape for everyone. Charlotte Regional Partnership’s effectiveness at generating collaboration between private and public organizations is reason enough to invest. We continue to build upon numerous meaningful relationships we have established as a result of our affiliation with the Partnership.

Howard Bissell III, Senior Vice President and Director, Bissell Companies

I returned recently from another successful

Charlotte USA Manufacturing Coalition

November 16, 2015



Investor Insight

American Airlines partners with the Charlotte Regional Partnership because of our shared vision of bringing economic development to the region. American Airlines is now the largest airline in the world, and Charlotte Douglas International Airport serves as our second-largest hub. We have the shared goal of bringing businesses to the community and connecting them to the rest of the world. Together we can work together to show businesses the extraordinary benefits and connectivity our region offers, which will continue to drive

The Art of Business

November 09, 2015



Investor Insight

South Carolina Power Team has a strong commitment to supporting local, regional, and state-wide organizations to bolster the economic standing of the state. We collaborate with the Charlotte Regional Partnership because of the organization’s ability to leverage the best our region has to offer. The efforts of each individual organization are strengthened when we come together. We are interconnected and see great results through continued partnerships.

James Chavez, President and CEO, SC Power Team


Supportive Strategy

November 02, 2015



Investor Insight

We fully support the Charlotte Regional Partnership because Sonitrol wants to grow with our community and see diverse businesses from all over the world come to our region. The Partnership shares the good word about our region’s assets, providing the fuel to the engine. It’s a no-brainer for Sonitrol to support the Partnership and should be a no-brainer for every business in the region.

William J. Price, President and CEO, Sonitrol Security Services, Inc.

Now that North Carolina is equipped with a revived

Charlotte USA in the News

October 26, 2015



Investor Insight

“The Carolinas is home to one of the largest energy economies in the United States and, perhaps, the most diverse in the world. As a result, the Carolinas has superior energy workforce, training and supply chain resources. Teaming the Charlotte Regional Partnership’s economic development skills with E4 Carolinas energy industry knowledge to promote the Carolinas’ energy business development resources will result in the increased attraction of energy companies to the Carolinas.”

David A. Doctor, President and CEO, E4

A Reasoned Approach

October 19, 2015



Investor Insight

"BLT Steak is proud to be part of the exciting growth Charlotte has seen these last few years, from the development in Uptown to new local craft breweries and farmers offering unique products to highlight on our menus. Charlotte Regional Partnership has been a great ambassador to Charlotte and our team at BLT Steak, playing its part to integrate the restaurant further into the Charlotte community while introducing new guests to the BLT Steak dining experience."  

Keith Hensel, General Manager, BLT Steak Charlotte

A Global Vision

October 12, 2015



Investor Insight

The Charlotte Regional Partnership is a critical cog in the economic development engine which continues to score big wins for the greater Charlotte area. Like the CRP, Sherpa is a Charlotte-based business serving the entire region. The CRP’s ongoing efforts to introduce and recruit a broad range of companies to our area provide businesses such as ours with opportunities to build new relationships and collaborate on a variety of projects. We value and support the economic progress the CRP brings to our region and are proud to be

A Game Changer

October 05, 2015



Investor Insight

The Charlotte Regional Partnership’s efforts to bring new businesses to the region are a win-win for everyone, from small companies to large corporations. The Charlotte region’s vibrant and thriving economy is facilitated by the Partnership’s daily efforts and accomplishments.  

G Marshall Johnson, Stakeholder, G. Marshall Johnson & Associates

North Carolina’s economic development landscape changed dramatically last week when Gov. Pat McCrory signed into law several key pieces of legislation. The North

A Bright Future

September 29, 2015



Investor Insight

The Bissell organization recognizes the compelling need for the Charlotte Regional Partnership to serve as a resource to the world in promoting the benefits of placing or growing a business in our region. We are strong supporters because the CRP furthers our business interests both directly and indirectly as we understand that the stronger we are as a region, the more we all benefit.

Ned Curran, President and CEO, Bissell

Leading the Way

September 21, 2015



Investor Insight

“The Charlotte Regional Partnership is a key component to driving new business to our marketplace and commercial buildings. As the president of CRCBR and a practitioner of commercial real estate, I recognize that our members value the partnership between economic development and the commercial real estate industry, making the Charlotte region a strong competitor in the worldwide marketplace.”  

Jessica Brown, President, Charlotte Region Commercial Board of Realtors


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