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Monday Memo Heading

Support the NC Competes Act

March 02, 2015


Investor Insight

“Economic development requires a collaborative, customized effort. The Charlotte Regional Partnership successfully leads this important initiative for our community by partnering with private, public and government sectors across the region. I am proud to be part of this vibrant community and a board member of the CRP.”

Judy Wishnek, Charlotte Regional President, Park Sterling Bank
Second Vice Chair, Charlotte Regional Partnership Board of Directors


     Republican state House leaders filed a

Powering the Pipeline

February 23, 2015


Investor Insight

The Garland Company was founded on the principles of partnership and a customer-first attitude. This mindset has allowed us to work directly with building owners and corporations to ensure safe and watertight buildings for the past 120 years. Given our history, it’s only right that Garland become a long-term partner with the Charlotte Regional Partnership to help sustain economic growth in such a thriving region. We are very excited about this relationship and helping promote such a great area of the country.


The Future is Now

February 16, 2015


Investor Insight

“Hire Dynamics expanded into North Carolina in 2014 due to the economic growth of the Charlotte market.  Hire Dynamics provides staffing and direct placements putting over 4,200 people to work every day covering the Southeast with our locations. We believe that what we do matters and we value the relationship with the Charlotte Regional Partnership to make a difference in the communities we serve.”

Kim Wallace, Executive Vice President, Hire Dynamics

Last week a forward-thinking organization called Communities

Working Smart and Hard

February 09, 2015


Investor Insight

Economic development is the commercial lifeblood of the Charlotte area. Our global law firm (which has offices in both North and South Carolina) recognizes, in that context, that the world sees our area as a region, without borders or excessive provincialism and with a collective vision of the future and our place in it. We are proud to promote that regionalism through our support of both the Charlotte Regional Partnership and the critical state and local economic development partners integral to that effort. Together, we can

Critical Collaboration

February 02, 2015


Investor Insight

AIG invested in developing a technology center in Charlotte because of the talented workforce, the community and the focus on economic growth. The Charlotte Regional Partnership understands how to join the interests of companies, like AIG, with the broader goals of supporting growth in the region. Both AIG and the Partnership want to see sustained success in Charlotte.

Matt Cincera, Senior Vice President, AIG

The importance of collaboration was a key theme in Trevor Fuller’s State of the County address last

Refining Strategies

January 26, 2015


Investor Insight

Charlotte Regional Partnership is an extension of our business all over the world. By working together, the Partnership brings new companies to the Charlotte region, and we’re given the opportunity to help these new companies make their move here a smooth and easy transition. The Partnership is key to the success of not only of Regus, but also the entire Charlotte region.  

Phil Costantini, Area Director, Regus


I’m traveling with Vanessa Goeschl, the Partnership’s senior vice president of Marketing

Collaborative Creativity

January 19, 2015



Investor Insight

“The Carolina Panthers appreciate the work of the Charlotte Regional Partnership in supporting and recruiting quality businesses. As a regional franchise, long-term growth certainly impacts our fan base and is important as we build and expand that base in future years.”

Danny Morrison, President, Carolina Panthers
Member, Charlotte Regional Partnership Board of Directors


I want to thank everyone who joined us last week at CPCC’s Harris Conference Centerfor what was an enlightening

Time to Take Action

January 12, 2015



Investor Insight

"As our own growth and future are inextricably tied to the success and growth of the Charlotte Region, Stanly County has supported the Charlotte Regional Partnership since its inception and continues to support their efforts to showcase the economic advantages that the Charlotte Region has to offer to companies around the globe."

Lindsey Dunevant, Stanly County Commissioner
Member, Charlotte Regional Partnership Board of Directors


There’s a critical issue facing one of Charlotte USA’s most

Announcing the 2015 Jerry Awards Winners

January 05, 2015


Investor Insight

“The Charlotte Regional Partnership continues to do an outstanding job of developing business relationships. Such relationships generate leads which, in many cases, result in investments in the region. This allows Charlotte USA to diversify and grow into a world class city. Garfinkel Immigration Law Firm continues to see the benefit of being an investor in the Partnership and we are committed to the mission of developing job creation and long-term economic growth here.”

Steven Garfinkel, Managing Partner, Garfinkel

Maintaining Momentum

December 22, 2014


Investor Insight

“Our development projects are not limited by boundaries, and neither are our marketing efforts.  The Charlotte Regional Partnership provides the most effective vehicle for coordinating the marketing and economic development efforts across our large metropolitan market. In the case of the CRP, the sum is far greater than total of the parts.”

Landon Wyatt, Partner, Childress Klein Properties
Member, Charlotte Regional Partnership Board of Directors


With the holidays upon us and a New Year