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Charlotte USA – We’re standing out!

It was an enlightening, encouraging and exciting time for me and all of us with Charlotte Regional Partnership as we hosted six site selection consultants from across the country for a panel discussion on economic development. The Partnership brought these six site selection leaders to Charlotte for a high level discussion, and also as our guests for the PGA tournament.  

The panelists were Jim Beatty, President, NCS International; Danielle Campolo, Senior Principal, Strategic Development Group, Inc.; Nick Juszczak, Analyst, Client Strategy Consulting, CBRE;  Van Power, COO, Call Center/ Site Selection Services, NAI Robert Lynn; David Schrock, Executive Director, Contact Center/Site Selection Services, NAI Robert Lynn and Paige Webster, Owner, Webster Global Site Selectors. 

The key takeaway from these experts - Charlotte USA competes at the highest level in the global arena of company site location. Why? Here are some reasons:

Diversity of industries – our region offers an array of businesses and corporations which include financial services, a significant concentration of energy companies, excellent health care centers, and advanced manufacturing companies that are leading in the field of high-tech manufacturing.

Quality of our community colleges- we have a number of top notch community colleges turning out a work force trained in a number of in-demand skills areas. Nearly every industrial project we’re involved in touches a community college in some way. In addition to having a well trained work force attractive to various industries, many companies are getting more involved in training at the local level, especially in establishing apprenticeship programs which are increasingly seen as a major ‘win win’ for everyone involved. These positive partnerships are proactive efforts which can ensure the work force pipeline continues to be strong.

Superior data – we have built a solid reputation for providing top notch, extremely current and most of all relevant data to help businesses make data driven decisions in their site selection process. The consultants praised the Partnership for providing the quality of information they need. We must give them the type of data they need, in an exceedingly timely manner, in order to stay competitive. The time pressure in the site selection process is more compressed than ever before, and therefore the Partnership is more committed than ever before to stay responsive to inquiries and requests for information that matters to the individual consultants and their client companies. The Partnerhip is among the top tier of similar organizations in the nation because we’re able provide the data that site consultants and companies want, when they want it, and in the format they want it in.

Outstanding quality of life – in addition to the business, geographic and economic climate our region offers, businesses continue to consider the value-add of quality of life aspects in the area. Our region shines when it comes to the growing distinction of our cultural offerings - from museums, to theatre, to music, to festivals, to culinary excellence in the nationally awarded restaurants across our footprint.

These are a few of our Charlotte USA attributes that make our region highly attractive to site location consultants and companies from around the world. We must continue to tout the outstanding benefits we offer across our 16 counties and let the world know that there is no place to invest, work and live quite like this place we call home.



Ronnie L. Bryant, CEcD, FM, HLM
President & CEO

Charlotte Regional Partnership
550 S. Caldwell St., Suite 760
Charlotte, NC 28202
phone  704-347-8942

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