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Around the Region 1-10-17

Members of Charlotte Regional Partnership and Avalanche Consulting


Happy New Year!  Welcome to The Charlotte Regional Partnership’s new blog, Around The Region, a bi-weekly thought leadership forum featuring different voices throughout the 16-county, 2 state, Charlotte USA footprint.  In addition to my thoughts, I will invite other business and economic development partners to post on current events with the goal of starting a conversation and offering a more regional platform for county news from relocation announcements to emerging trends.
2016, The Partnership’s 25th Anniversary, will be remembered as a year of thoughtful, strategic planning with our partners around the region, consultants and the Charlotte Chamber.  We owe a great deal of thanks to our 2016 Board Chair, Judy Wishnek, for her leadership during this time.  In addition to our day jobs of economic development for the Region, we rolled up our sleeves with Avalanche Consulting and our regional partners to create the first regional economic development strategic plan for CharlotteUSA.  Finally, we are ready to kick off an aggressive three-year marketing plan that will reinforce our Region’s position as a global leader in business, innovation and talent. Our 2017 executive committee, led by Board Chair Wes Beckner of BB&T, as well as our board of directors, investors and in house team share my excitement for turning all this planning into action. Once executed, we believe this campaign will serve as a case study in regional collaboration that will be emulated around the country.
Many of our more than 200 investors have asked when we will begin to see results of this new effort.  The easy answer is, we already have as evidence of our stronger working relationship with all of our partners including The Charlotte Chamber, because of the planning exercise. Shared resources and joint fundraising are critical to our success.  As for what’s next, some pieces will be more visible than others.  For example, in the area of marketing, a refresh of the CharlotteUSA brand will be more apparent than a much needed investment in more sophisticated technology to integrate systems, yet both are critically important.  Similarly, in the area of talent development, an out of market talent attraction campaign will appear more tangible than collaboration required between educational leaders and regional employers to align education and training programs with target industries and high demand fields.  Again, all equally important parts pf the plan.
While we all know we have our work cut out for us, I, for one, am entering 2017 with a renewed optimism and full speed ahead attitude for CharlotteUSA’s immediate and long term future.  I hope these feelings are contagious as we strive to retain our region’s competitive advantage.  
I hope to see many of you at our Economic Forecast Breakfast this Wednesday, January 11 from 8-10:30AM at UNC Charlotte Center City. This event is free to Partnership investors and $25 for others who want to attend.  Please register here.
We truly want this blog to be a conversation starter and welcome your comments.

Ronnie L. Bryant, CEcD, FM, HLM
President & CEO

Charlotte Regional Partnership
550 S. Caldwell St., Suite 760
Charlotte, NC 28202
phone  704-347-8942

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