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Foreign Trade Zone #57

The Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) program is a catalyst for companies involved with international trade to improve their competitiveness and profitability. By utilizing the FTZ program, companies are able to defer, reduce or eliminate Customs duties on products admitted to the zone.

Like all Foreign Trade Zones across the nation, FTZ #57 in the Charlotte region is a secure area located in or near a Customs Port of Entry - in this case, at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport.

Goods at FTZ #57 are considered to be part of international commerce and are legally outside of U.S. Customs territory. By utilizing this zone for trade, companies benefit from a variety of financial advantages:

Duty Deferral
Duties are paid only when goods enter U.S. Customs territory.

Duty Elimination
Goods may be exported duty-free from the zone.
Goods may be destroyed duty-free in the zone.

Reduction of Tariffs
Importers may choose to pay duties on raw materials entered into the zone, or to pay duties on the finished products as they are entered into U.S. commerce.

Charlotte USA FTZ #57 Economic Benefits.pdf
Charlotte USA FTZ #57 Fee Schedule.pdf
Charlotte USA FTZ #57 How to speak FTZ.pdf


Use the following calculator to estimate your company's potential savings by operating with foreign-trade zone status.

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