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A nonprofit, public/private economic development organization, the Charlotte Regional Partnership leverages regional resources to market the 16-county Charlotte region. The Partnership’s business development activities position Charlotte USA for sustained, long-term growth, job creation and investment opportunities.

With 16 counties – 12 in North Carolina and four in South Carolina, Charlotte USA has a wealth of assets for the Charlotte Regional Partnership to market. The Partnership serves as a catalyst for government/business collaboration to market and promote Charlotte USA as a highly competitive, vibrant region with an increasingly attractive quality of life. In fact, our region is the case that proves the point that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Although each of the 16 counties has its own strength, each experiences greater economic success – and is more competitive – by working together than alone.

Throughout the year, our business development team hosts, visits and responds to site selection advisors and corporate decision makers throughout North and South America, Europe and Asia. The Partnership also spreads the word by working with national and international reporters on stories that position the region as a premier business destination. Articles have appeared in publications as diverse as The Wall Street Journal, Time, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and Boston Globe.

The work the Charlotte Regional Partnership does is so critical that more than 170 private companies and the governments of 16 counties, three cities and one state have made a financial commitment to the Partnership, to regionalism and to Charlotte USA. The Partnership’s investors serve on oversight committees and provide input on the annual Program of Work. Through their support, Charlotte Regional Partnership stakeholders invest in the region’s economic vitality. Private investor income – about half of the Partnership’s total operating budget – provides funding to continue and enhance mission-critical efforts.

Since 1991, community and business leaders have worked collaboratively on behalf of Charlotte USA. Recognizing the world’s connectivity and embracing the unwavering belief that there is strength in unity, we have no doubt that regionalism is the most effective strategy to grow and prosper in the 21st century. For 20 years, the Charlotte Regional Partnership, supported by our public and private investors, has been building – and continues to invest in – our dynamic region.

For more information about the Charlotte USA marketing effort, contact:

Charlotte Regional Partnership
550 South Caldwell Street
Suite 760
Charlotte, NC 28202
Phone: 704-347-8942
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